Time to stop the PUSH, PUSH, PUSH….


The Bali Transformation!


Being a female entrepreneur is a full time calling and a lot of hard work.  This hard work requires persistence, determination and a fair amount of tenacity.

One of the greatest challenges I personally face as an entrepreneur is the continual internal drive – of PUSH, PUSH, PUSH and not being able to turn it off.  I remember in my first few years in business, people used to  say ‘Do you ever sleep?'  I did – for a FEW hours each night but as soon as my eyes were open, I was back on the computer – working up a storm!

Things are LESS stressful these days for me in business but sometimes when I wasn't pushing so hard – I didn’t know who I was.  Does anyone else understand this feeling?


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My Bali Experience – Day 1! Nik Star 5 Day Spiritual Retreat….

Notes taken from Bali – JUNE 2012

The Diary of a Feminine Entrepreneur
The First Evening – June 1, 2012

'Dealing with Vulnerability'

Well here I am. Finally in BALI, on a SPIRITUAL retreat. Eek – better start thinking about what am I hoping to get out of this?

Here it goes…(in no particular order)
                  – To run less on my adrenalin
–                        – To fully heal a recovering, broken heart   
                  – To open my heart to new love, un-encumbered by the past
                  – To feel a deeper, stronger connection to spirit
                          – To align my business to what makes my heart sing – get rid of the crap that’s no longer necessary
                  – To feel a deep connection to my purpose
                  – To feel beautiful again – inside and out
                  – To connect my feminine power

A BIG list I know!

The diary of a ‘Feminine’ Entrepreneur comes to mind….so I’m going to run with this for now.

It has been a Life long dream of mine to go to Bali – something ‘other’ people do, I’ve always been too busy with my business.

Then I thought – What would really happen if I disappeared for a week? Would the world really stop spinning?

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