You are currently viewing Your Ebook – Published, Building Credibility & Generating Income in 2013!

Your Ebook – Published, Building Credibility & Generating Income in 2013!


Position Yourself as 'the' FEMALE Expert

of Choice in your Niche,

through our

Ebook Writing Masterclass!


"Would you like to generate MORE income, attract HIGHER quality prospects and get your clients to TRUST you more?"

Ebooks are changing the publishing world.  As a female business owner it is important not only to build credibility through DEMONSTRATING your expertise but also to build your profile and Ebooks are a powerful way to do this.

Why write an Ebook?

1. Great Starting Point – an Ebook is a great way to get clarity on your book topic and your target audience.  The skills you learn in this Masterclass are totally transferable to your PUBLISHED book too.
2. Brand Awareness – your audience will grow to RECOGNIZE YOU and your business, therefore trusting YOUR NAME and EXPERTISE!
3. Good Revenue Generator – Ebooks, if written well are PRICED HIGHER than printed books, most Ebooks will be priced between $20-$50 on the internet.  Even if you decide your Ebook will be FREE to attract new customer sign ups – how much FUTURE REVENUE is this worth?
4. Low Up-Front Cost and No On-Going Cost – this becomes a PURE ATTRACTION strategy for new clients and once you have written it, the work is done and the revenue will keep rolling in.
5. Instant Gratification for Potential New Customers – no lengthy delays as customers receive their Ebook immediately and are more likely to TAKE ACTION.
Why NOT write an Ebook?
Being a writing coach I can honestly say that one of the biggest challenges facing our talented, female business owners is TIME
This is why we are setting aside a 3 hour Ebook Masterclass, to get your Ebook WRITTEN and READY for publication and profit generation before the end of 2012 sneaks up on us!

In this Ebook Masterclass you will learn:

  • How to write an Ebook that people WILL WANT to read
  • Discover what Ebooks are used ATTRACT customers and what Ebooks generate PROFIT.  Either is great, you just need to know the difference
  • Learn how to write an Ebook to attract new customers that will NOT GIVE AWAY your secrets or compromise your chargeable services
  • Learn a proven structure for writing an Ebook that works and also gives you the FLEXIBILITY to individualise your content, so it really reflects your PERSONALITY and BUSINESS!
  • Identify what 'extra's' to put in your Ebook, to truly ENGAGE your audience and have them COMING BACK for more
  • Brainstorm topics and decide the BEST POSSIBLE topic for your Ebook
  • Finish a COMPREHENSIVE and STRUCTURED chapter plan for your Ebook
  • Complete a content summary for each chapter that you can expand on if necessary, looking at RESEARCH to include, EXPERTS to interview and OTHER RESOURCES at your disposal
  • Learn how to publish your Ebook and get it ready to SELL LIKE CRAZY from your website

This is not a Masterclass for professional writers or published authors.  This Masterclass is for business owners, managers and entrepreneurs who want to build industry credibility, raise their profile and connect with new customers in a powerful way.

SHEentrepreneurial Masterclasses

Kylie Welsh, founder of SHEentrepreneur, a published author, professional freelance writer and writing coach, will be conducting this unique Face to Face Masterclass.  Kylie turned her blog Brisbane Woman from a weekly article about women, into a flourishing and profitable business promoting, educating and connecting women in business.  She now supports women in business by raising their professional profile and building up their Expert status through powerful, professional Mentoring Program. Kylie works with SHEentrepreneur members on writing successful Ebooks/books that position them as 'the' Female Expert of Choice in their Niche!

In this Masterclass you will enjoy a delicious morning tea while discovering simple, practical and highly effective ways to raise your professional profile. You’ll also enjoy informal networking with a small group other like-minded women. This is a perfect opportunity to find out what techniques work for other business women and create meaningful alliances!

This forum allows you to have one on one coaching interaction with an exceptional Business Mentor and Writing Coach, without paying premium individual coaching prices too!  This Masterclass usually sells out without in a few days, so secure your spot now and let's get your Ebook up and selling in 2013!

Booking Information:

Next Class date and time to be scheduled (Contact Kylie for more information):  Our Masterclasses are held at BWCC, 2 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington.  Please enter via the car park on Given Terrace)

Our numbers are strictly limited ensure a personalized approach and maximum outcome.

The investment is only $97 per person including the 3 hour Masterclass, a delicious morning tea and a resource rich Masterclass workbook.


'I attended Kylie’s Ebook Masterclass and was blown away!!  What fantastic value for money!  I have attended educational seminars like this before and come away overwhelmed, stressed about how much I didn’t know and disillusioned about how to achieve the results promised in the seminar.

This was completely the opposite, not only did Kylie provide us with fantastic information, but we had time to start working on our Ebook ideas, we brainstormed to help each other, we broke everything down into achievable steps and Kylie was brilliant at making sure we all understood where we were at and where we were going. 

I am so excited, I am so motivated!  I have already added to my drafts in the course today (normally I would be still overwhelmed and procrastinating!).  Thanks so much Kylie!  To everyone who ever thought about writing an Ebook or gaining credibility through writing, you have to get Kylie on board!'  Stephanie Bressan, Strategicall

I had purchased a ‘How to Write an EBook’ product and started writing my EBook before I attended Kylie’s Masterclass on the same topic.

From Kylie I got more useful information than in the product I had bought. Kylie gave me lots of very practical ideas for enhancing the chapters. I had already written and making them more relevant and appealing to my target market. I am feeling a lot happier and more inspired. I will definitely be booking into more Masterclasses.

Margaret Simms, Your Future Direction

Thank you Kylie for your thoroughly informative and well presented Masterclass on Writing an Ebook. I gained many useful tips and also a stronger desire to write an Ebook sooner rather than later. Through your Masterclass I definitely found out more precisely what is involved in writing an Ebook and your no nonsense delivery was easy to listen to and understand

Julie St Clair, Style and Grace


Thanks Kylie for a great EBook Masterclass.  I got so much out of it.  As I’m writing my own EBook, it was extremely valuable information that you shared.  I now have lots of places to go to do research and I know I will be sharing my EBooks the world very soon. I am looking forward to your next Masterclass.

Helen Thomas, The Little Sage