Women now own 585,000 of the 1.9 million small

businesses operating in Australia.


That is phenomenal and it means there are 585,000 women who are unbelievably good at what they do!

But how do we transition from being good at what we do though, to being RESPECTED and CREDIBLE experts within our industries?

Kylie works with women, creating 'SHEentrepreneur Positioning' for their businesses. Her goal through SHEentrepreneur is to help women build their business and raise their professional profile – so they PREMIUM PRICE themselves and jump off the Entrepreneurial Treadmill of trading TIME for MONEY.

SHEentrepreneur Positioning


Kylie can work with you One on One to create real "SHEentrepreneur Positioning' for You and Your Business.  All 5 modules can be explored or intense Mentoring in specific areas is also available.

  • How you can Build a Powerful, 'Real' PERSONAL BRAND
  • How to Package and Value Your UNIQUE TALENTS so YOU can PREMIUM PRICE your Products and Services
  • The Platforms to INFLUENCE and Share YOUR Compelling Message
  • Positioning Yourself and 'Being Seen' as the FEMALE Expert of Choice in Your Niche
  • Developing a LOYAL Community of Raving, REFERRING Customers!


Information Products

Kylie is very passionate about working with women and getting their information and expertise out of their head and into products. This process allows women to start creating new income streams, as well as raising their professional profile to a new level.  Information Products also make you very attractive to potential Joint Venture partners, so it's a win/win for everyone.


Kylie's areas of expertise include:

  •     Creating, producing and marketing your Webinars Series
  •     Teleseminars – How to get Key Industry Experts to speak to your database and promote your business to theirs.
  •     The design and development of Online Training Programs
  •     Camtastia Recordings – creating, editing and producing online training material
  •     Video recording and editing your training recordings
  •    Creating a Membership Site for your business

Ebook Coach

Kylie is a published author of non-fiction.  Her first book Impertinent Women – Women in search of the extraordinary! was published in 2005.  In talking to women through her work, Kylie has found that many women love and have a goal of writing a book. Eighty two percent of people dream of writing a book, but only a few ever realise that goal.

One of the best things you can do for your career is to write a book about your area of expertise.  Referring to yourself as an author sets you up as a specialist in your field and will open many doors that would have otherwise been closed.  The publishing industry has changed dramatically with the transformation of the internet so having a book published has never been a more attainable goal.

Kylie coaches women on the importance of self-promotion and the role writing a book can play in positioning them as an expert or specialist. She assists women through the entire process of writing a book for publication.  She is able to offer advice on approaching traditional publishing houses and also on self-publication.  Kylie runs Masterclasses for business owners on writing E-books and provides telephone coaching throughout Australia and overseas. During these sessions, she provides invaluable writing tips and inspires her clients to take the plunge and get started.  Teaching writing is an extension of Kylie’s own enjoyment of doing it and her enthusiasm transfers effortlessly to those on the receiving end.

Manuscript Assessment – Have you completed a book and want some feedback before selling on line and publishing?  Kylie will provide a thorough and full manuscript assessment on the content relevance, chapter length, audience suitability, readability and format of your book.

'I had no idea exactly how the whole assessment and editing process worked when I started looking for an editor for my first book. To be honest I wasn’t really sure what an editor did … would they try to change my words? Would they tell me I was no good and to never write again? I knew I wanted to keep the words ‘mine’ but I also knew I required someone very professional who knew what it took to create a book that would be a great read – and sell.  Lucky for me I chose you Kylie!!

Every one of your recommendations made perfect sense to me.  You didn’t try to change my words or my style – but helped me to enhance the journey for my readers and make it flow. I thank you for taking the time to explain why certain sections worked well and for truly understanding what I was trying to create.  Well, together we achieved it Kylie – because next month I’m off to America where I’ve been invited to appear as a guest author on the National TV show ‘The Balancing Act’.  Thanks to you Kylie I’ve achieved more than I ever thought possible.' Karen Lynch – Karen David International.


Kylie turned her blog Brisbane Woman from a weekly article about women, into a thriving, successful business.  If you would like some advice on setting up a blog, including business writing ideas for interesting and engaging articles that will attract customers, then she can help you.  Perhaps you currently have a blog but you’re not getting the results you hoped for.  Kylie has a wealth of writing tips and will coach you or over Skype or by telephone,  no matter where you are – through the process of making your blog a success for your business!

'Thank you so much for our coaching session last week, I am so inspired after our meeting! Thank you Kylie, you are so clever and I now have my next 3 months of articles/blog posts planned out! I loved working with you. I never knew there was so much I could write about!' Katrina Christ, Katrina Christ Photography.

Article Writing

Kylie worked previously, as a professional freelance writer. Writing articles is also a powerful way to raise your professional profile and Kylie runs mini business writing courses, to show women how to write engaging articles for the web and provides this coaching throughout Australia and overseas. She also coaches women wanting to take that next professional step and get their articles published in magazines, newspapers and industry journals.  There is only one way to successfully approach an editor to get your work published and Kylie will show you how.

Kylie recently wrote and published articles on other women and their businesses. Some examples are below:

  •     Jody Fenton, Boutique Money Management. Article in bmag, Till debt do us part.  Value: $17, 500 in FREE publicity.
  •     Anne Thistleton – The Baby Calmer. Article in bmag, The Baby calmer. Value:$17,500, in FREE publicity.
  •     Mei Yen Chua, author of Brisbane Budget Bites. Article in bmag, Cheap Eats revealed, Value: $17, 820 in FREE publicity.


Kylie consults for Marketing and PR companies as a Copywriter. Kylie also works with women wanting to gain confidence and control back of their website and marketing, teaching them the  business writing skills they need for effective copywriting. They can then update and manage their own website content and come up with their own writing ideas for cost-effective marketing material.

She is passionate about promoting women and their achievements throughout Australia and overseas.  Kylie has worked with many women in their own businesses, helping them achieve results though:

  •     effective website copy
  •     persuasive writing
  •     media releases that get picked up by journalists
  •     brochures that customers act upon
  •     direct mail campaigns
  •     newsletters that customers really read
  •     blog articles that enhance your professional profile and bring in new business.

'I recently decided to re-do my website but this time I really wanted it to hit the mark.  In the past I have written the content myself as I figured, who knew my business better than me?!  This time I decided to enlist the help of Kylie Welsh of SHEentrepreneur to coach me through the process. The way Kylie helps is to guide you in understanding the process and to get you writing as well.  She really helped me develop my confidence and realise that I can write and engage new customers visiting my site!  It’s like one on one training with the end product being a fantastic, competitive website!

I have really enjoyed working with Kylie on this project and feel like I have learnt so much.  She helped me look at my business with fresh eyes and together we came up with some new, brilliant ideas that really reflect what my business can offer customers. Thanks Kylie, looking forward to the launch on 1st July.' Louise Pack, Assist You Administration.


SHEentrepreneur Mentoring & Coaching Services

If you would like some advice on how Kylie might be able to help build your credibility, enhance your expert status and grow your business, then please contact her.

Kylie supports women in small business and her cost-effective rates exemplify her commitment and passion to helping you succeed. Kylie's Private Mentoring fees are $695 per hour.  For members of the thriving SHEentrepreneur Community, this may be negotiable. All coaching is conducted via skype.  If you would prefer a face to face coaching session, then full fees will apply.

For a confidential chat, to find out more information or to book in a session, please call Kylie directly on 0407 276 759 or email kylie@sheentrepreneur.com. 

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