Time to stop the PUSH, PUSH, PUSH….


The Bali Transformation!


Being a female entrepreneur is a full time calling and a lot of hard work.  This hard work requires persistence, determination and a fair amount of tenacity.

One of the greatest challenges I personally face as an entrepreneur is the continual internal drive – of PUSH, PUSH, PUSH and not being able to turn it off.  I remember in my first few years in business, people used to  say ‘Do you ever sleep?'  I did – for a FEW hours each night but as soon as my eyes were open, I was back on the computer – working up a storm!

Things are LESS stressful these days for me in business but sometimes when I wasn't pushing so hard – I didn’t know who I was.  Does anyone else understand this feeling?

So What Changed in Bali?
One of the greatest gifts I got from my Bali experience was understanding that I had to STOP PUSHING so hard.  Instead I needed to take a step back, BREATHE and TRUST.  Business IS, WAS and WILL always take care of itself. 
And guess what – it's TRUE!

Instead of the PUSH, PUSH, PUSH, I am NOW waiting for things to COME and TRUSTING that it will happen.  It is a complete shift from running my business with very MASCULINE energy, to stepping into my NATURAL, authentic, feminine energy.  I'll tell you – it is the most liberating thing I have EVER DONE!

This new level of certainly, comes from me CONNECTING with my heart again and making decisions that are HEART based.  Don’t get me wrong – I thought I was connected and MAKING heart based decision –  but really, I was totally off track.

One of the GREATEST GIFTS I can give to YOU as a female entrepreneur is understanding that tapping into this heart based, creative, feminine energy is where the true peace lies. 
Please take the time to consider this Bali experience as a very special REWARD for ALL your hard work.  We both know you deserve it xx

Click here is find out more about this amazing Bali retreats run by fellow SHEentrepreneur  – Nicole Star.

(If you have any questions or would like to talk to me personally about this experience, I'd love to chat to you – 0407 276 759)


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