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Each month SHEentrepreneur will bring you a different Key Industry Expert to learn from.  Our Online Learning Modules are designed so you can complete them in your own home and complete them in your own time.

Through our Video Business Intensive, you can see the screen, hear the voice of the presenter and have the opportunity to ask questions.  Through the verbal and visual communication, a webinar allows participants to be highly interactive and become actively involved in the presentation. Webinars are great for our time poor women in business and solo entrepreneurs, as it requires no travel or valuable time away from your office.  

For the Brisbane Woman audience, a webinar allows us to efficiently and effective communicate to all our members in the comfort of their own homes and offices.


Brand Yourself For Success!

Discover tips and techniques to help you develop your own signature brand

to better leverage you and your business!


What if you could simply and cost effectively …

·         build a powerful personal brand that truly reflects you and your business
·         create a brand that attracts new clients
·         develop a brand reflecting your business goals
·         build a business presence that projects integrity and credibility
·         position your personal brand for your market's expectations.  

Why is personal branding so important?

A great brand gives a good first impression, is easy to remember and evokes positive associations with the brand. The right brand unleashes your personal power and persuasiveness. The right brand strengthens your message!  

In this Brand Yourself Video Business Intensive you'll learn:
·         4 simple steps to branding yourself
·         develop a brand yourself blueprint that reflects your potential and goals
·         premium price yourself through differentiation
·         apply the psychology and laws of branding
·         select the attributes that complement your brand
·         develop a personal brand strategy

Personal success relies largely on our ability to communicate…you can express your potential quietly and effectively without saying a word. Ensure you express your potential and future worth with a strong personal brand. Make an impact with your unique brand and accelerate your personal success!  

The Brand Yourself Video Business Intensive will help you to:
·         determine what is a brand
·         understand the importance of branding
·         discover the elements of a memorable brand
·         strengthen your personal brand, and
·         strategically position yourself.  

Recent Testimonials for our Online


The recent Article Writing and Marketing webinar that I attended was awesome.   I want to thank you for making these programmes available to members of Brisbane Woman, as I found this to be particularly helpful in catapulting me into taking action!  Subsequently, I have completed several articles using your techniques and am launching them all around the world on various platforms and am feeling particularly chuffed with increased traffic to my web sites! These webinars are a fantastic medium for those of us who live far from the city of Brisbane and certainly encourage and support those of us in small business to keep a finger on the pulse. Congratulations Kylie, in your willingness to keep astride of technological  advances and in turn ensure we as business owners are kept in the loop of what is possible.  Marie-Elise Allen, Sassy Vibes

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your writing webinar. Extremely informative on the structure of writing articles and presenting in a professional way. I laugh a little as schooling and writing was the last thing on my life achievement list, now I sit in on writing training, put blog posts together and run a web site … so thank you for giving me the finishing touches to my work. Helene Mearing, Wealth Masters International

Kylie, thank you so much for presenting the Article Writing and Marketing webinar. What a fantastic way to connect to learn. I usually have a rule of thumb – if I learn just one thing, it's worth my time. Well I learnt more than one, and today have been applying the techniques you covered when writing a short article for my website. It's very 'me' and I was probably a bit more adventurous that normal! Annie Audsley, Houses Bought Today    

I had purchased a ‘How to Write an eBook’ product and started writing my eBook before I listened in on Kylie’s Webinar on the same topic. From Kylie I got more useful information than in the product I had bought. Kylie gave me lots of very practical ideas for enhancing the chapters I had already written and making them more relevant and appealing to my target market. I am feeling a lot happier and more inspired. I will definitely be booking into more Webinars with Kylie. Margaret Simms, Your Future Direction

Thank you Kylie for your thoroughly informative and well presented Webinar Workshop on Writing an Ebook. I gained many useful tips and also a stronger desire to write an Ebook sooner rather than later. Through your Webinar I definitely found out more precisely what is involved in writing an Ebook and your no nonsense delivery was easy to listen to and understand Julie St Clair, Style and Grace    

Thanks Kylie for a great eBook webinar.  I got so much out of it. As I’m writing my own eBook, it was extremely valuable information that you shared.  I now have lots of places to go to do research and I know I will be sharing my eBooks the world very soon. I am looking forward to your next webinar. Helen Thomas, The Little Sage

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