Kylie Welsh is the founder of SHEentrepreneur.  She has grown her community of 6 000 talented, female entrepreneurs into a thriving, 6-figure business.

Kylie's Background

Kylie’s previous experience has been in writing and delivering training programs focusing on personal effectiveness for Kylie Welshcorporate women.  Kylie has written many programs to assist women to make the most out of their lives through intelligent self awareness.  Her first book, Impertinent Women was published in 2005.

Kylie moved back to Brisbane in 2007 and worked as a professional freelance writer for The Courier Mail, writing a  weekly column about modern women,  until she started for first business,  Brisbane Woman in 2008.   As a freelance writer, specialising in contemporary women’s issues, Kylie  soon began to realise the amazing achievements of women in their own businesses.  She decided to start writing about them and Brisbane Woman was created, initially as a blog based on the need for intelligent, thought provoking articles for women in business.  The response in the first 3 months was amazing, with over 500 female readers tuning in each Thursday to read Kylie’s published articles.  Brisbane Woman soon launched into a full time business: promoting, educating and connecting women in business.   Brisbane Woman grew to a community of collaborative, like-minded, supportive and inspiring women with already over 1500 members. In October 2011 SHEentrepreneur was launched, as Kylie identified that stronger Expert Training was required for women in business, with the focus being on generating greater profit.   For more information on Kylie’s Coaching and Mentoring services, please click here.

Sonja Hooper

Sonja HooperSonja is the Events Co-orindator for SHEentrepreneur.  She looks after our guests at SHEentrepreneur events, greeting them upon arrival and and making sure everyone attending a SHEentrepreneur function is well looked after.  Sonja has run a number of successful businesses and brings a wealth of experience to the SHEentrepreneur team.

Sonja is consistently positive, supportive and a reliable person. She is now very well known and respected within the SHEentrepreneur community.  Sonja is very gracious in her interactions with members and has a natural ability to build real relationships. Sonja has worked in Sales, Event Management, Hospitality, Travel and most recently Real Estate where she owned her own successful agency, winning best Real Estate in the district 3 years in a row.  Her drive, determination and focus on the needs of the client shine through in her genuine caring nature.


Virtual Assistance

SHEentrepreneur would not be able to run so effectively without a team of professional Virtual Assistants that support our growth and development.  Virtual Assistants are the vital cog in many modern small business operations.  Even if you are a solo entrepreneur, a Virtual Assistant is an affordable way to manage your overwhelm, give your clients more confidence and more importantly, will enable you to work ‘on’ your business rather than ‘in’ it.

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