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About Kylie Welsh

Kylie Welsh started her business 5 years ago now, initially as a blog about women in business and has since built this into a 6 Figure SHE Empire and a community of over 8000 women in business.  She now mentors other female business owners wanting to catapult their own own business success.

'Successful female business owners tend to think big from the start.

The average revenue of women-owned businesses is still only 27% of men-owned businesses though.  We believe a success mindset and education are key to business success for women.  Learning to expand a business isn’t only about being inspired, but also about learning the all-important how-to’s and this is where SHEentrepreneur can support women in business. 

Through SHEentrepreneur, I provide Expert Mentoring and education in core business skills and the avenue for business women to connect with other like minded women, who will support and celebrate their achievements as well.  With over 8 000 members, the future continues to look very exciting.

My deepest passion has always been assisting women to achieve success. My background, prior to owning my own business, had been in writing professional development programs for corporate women. I then became a published author and professional freelance writer on issues affecting modern women.

Through my SHEentrepreneur community, I now transition women in business from being good at what they do, into being the authority in their industry. My particular area of expertise is coaching female entrepreneurs to build credibility and create profit through their SHE Positioning.

The Idea Began…

The idea for my business came when I was attending networking events, to generate ideas for my freelance writing. Something out of the ordinary occurred to me at this time. Have you ever had that feeling of ‘coming home’ in the most unexpected place? That is what it was like for me. Connecting with women who were pursuing their passion, I had somehow stumbled across my life purpose. The feeling was exhilarating and I could not stop writing articles about these amazing female entrepreneurs. At that time, the publications I was working for weren’t so interested in stories about women in their own business, so I decided to start writing my own blog.

The blog was called Brisbane Woman and was based on women in their own business who were living in Brisbane. Like most people, I was apprehensive about starting a blog and very unsure if anyone was even going to read it. But I thought I’d at least give it a try and if no one read it, I’d simply pull it down in three weeks! I began to grow my database by attending networking events and telling people about my blog. I explained that there was no cost involved and that I would love to have their input. I simply asked them to visit and have a look. Within 3 months I had 500 weekly readers. I knew I was connecting with women in a meaningful and helpful way because I was working hard to provide something of value to them. Brisbane Woman soon grew into a full time business for me and was the foundation and learning centre for my next business SHEentrepreneur.

The First 3 Months

For the first 3 months with Brisbane Woman, I lived on very little money, which was fine because I was newly single, loving every minute of building my own business and the sense of freedom that came with it. You can however only live on love for so long and I needed to come up with a way to monetise my blog. I started running business and networking events for my readers and charging a small fee of $25 to attend. I tell you this so you understand that I started my business on shaky ground – there was no ‘ideal time’, no business plan in place, no investor support or months of research and preparation – I saw a potential opportunity, my intuition screamed YES and I went for it!

Despite the less than ideal circumstances, I still managed to generate a successful business that was personally very fulfilling. It took me a full two years of business success and failures to have an inkling of what it takes to run a successful business. In my third year, the penny started to drop and I moved from doing ‘okay’ to a highly profitable business with many income streams. 

The Transformation

A fundamental part of this was understanding that I needed to STEP UP and become 'The Leader' and 'Female Expert' in my niche.  This meant my profile grew rapidly in the next 12 months and so did my revenue! I actually tripled my income over this time. Nothing has created greater freedom in my life than acknowledging to myself that I was READY and embarking on a 12 month strategic plan to make this happen. Moving YOU and your business on to the next phase is possible for other female business owners too and I love now being able to mentor this change!

The first phase of my business, Brisbane Woman, was focused on connecting women and teaching them how to gain business credibility through the written word – articles, Ebooks and Information Products. Credibility is vital for female entrepreneurs but it’s not enough to support long term business growth and profitability. Being able to POSITION yourself as 'the' FEMALE Expert of Choice, PRICE yourself at a PREMIUM and generate a healthy PROFIT is a far greater challenge, in my experience, for many female business owners.

SHEentrepreneur Evolves

SHEentrepreneur evolved because I saw a strong need for women to PUSH their businesses to the next level. Many women take the courageous step into starting their own businesses but then end up working LONGER HOURS for LESS MONEY and many soon experience burnout. Learning to successfully monetise your expertise and authority is a must, for long term business success and sustainability.

I too was tired of TRADING MY TIME  money and the cycle of working longer and longer hours to earn more money, so I developed the philosophy of ‘do the work once and get paid forever’. I started to realise that by putting my expertise down on paper and into Information Products, it would not only increase my revenue dramatically and create new income streams but I would be able to assist so many more women, who were likely experiencing the same frustration I was. Going ONLINE and JOINT VENTURING with other entrepreneurs was also vital. I knew that having a local, events based company would never put me in touch with the thousands of women I wanted to connect with, globally.

Whether you are just starting out, have BIG plans for world domination or wanting to take your existing established business to the NEXT LEVEL level – The SHEentrepreneur Ultimate Success Blueprint – will be the first step towards educating and empowering you to accomplish everything you deserve!

Wishing you much success,

Kylie x'

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